Gladminds Connect Platform (GCP) is a cloud based platform that provides a two way communication channel between brands and customers.

Today, the GCP is ready to use with its two products: AfterSell targeted at Brands & AfterBuy targeted at Customers/Consumers.

GCP helps enterprises leverage their brand experience and create value for the customer through service, marketing, communication and host of other functions that drive the brand business (through AfterSell Services).

For the customer, GCP brings together all brand relations, diverse information and services into one single product making their life simple, organised and delightful (through AfterBuy App).


Unlimited customer interaction for the brand.
A lifelong brand experience for the customer.

AfterSell™ is a product offered to product/services brands to reach out and stay connected with their customers.

AfterSell™ has a host of services that help enterprises design a continuous brand experience for its customers through communication, service, marketing and customised loyalty programmes. Continue reading for details of available services.

AfterSell™ is a web and mobile friendly product available as a subscription service for base service offerings and additional services required by brands.

An empowering yet simplified life.
All brands just a touch away from customers.

AfterBuy™ is a product offered to customers to organise their purchases and reach out to their choice of brands.

AfterBuy™ is a secure, user-friendly product that offers easy connect to brands for any assistance, services, information and feedback and avail host of special benefits offered by brands. It also brings together community of like minded people to share information, experiences and common interests.

AfterBuy™ is a web and mobile friendly product available to customers (individual and corporate) absolutely free of cost.

78% Indian customers have spent more time with companies offering great service!

Source: Amex Global Customer Service Barometer


GCP is a powerful platform that allows Brands to integrate across a number of services (required by customers) including customer service and marketing functions as below. Customers/consumers access all the brand services through a free web and mobile application (AfterBuy) ​.​

Base Pack

Connect directly with all your customers and partners and foster a mutually beneficial relationship for life.

  • Allows connect and two way engagement with customers post validation/authentication
  • ​​Ability to customise based on customer product details and preferences
  • Make it real by deploying brand and channel roles, associated work flows and rules
  • Simplify access to sales and service partners through quick search
  • Simplify customer warranty registration and reminders through rules engine


Listen to your customers and partners closely and grow your business with them, around them.

  • Build a responsive organisation by capturing user feedback using customised feedback forms, ability to review and respond using configuration tools
  • Create and manage surveys with an assortment of planned, targeted and storyline surveys with opt in for unlimited users
  • Capture trends and integrate consumer sentiment for escalation with a service desk integration
  • Create actionable intelligence from closed loop process, reports and analytics


Start a personal conversation with your customers, understand and give them a unique experience of your brand.

  • ‘Know your customer’ with validated customer profiles
  • Personalise brand marketing and service communication by understanding customer preferences
  • Accurately target customers based on segment, geography, product/service usage cycle or other parameters
  • Stay connected and engaged by sharing brand newsletters, new product launch info, etc.
  • Build social collaborations for your brand with OneSocial™

Service Desk

Enabling brands to offer smart and prompt service support and earn customer admiration.

  • Optimise service provisioning, quick response, easy tracking and resolution with smart ticket management
  • Customer visibility and escalation through SLA Management
  • Quicken response and resolution TAT by automated ticket routing
  • Eliminate root cause and issue recurrence with knowledge records
  • Identify insights, trends and improve service using reports and analytics
  • Personalise your brand services through customisation and branding


Build a network of trust through brand communities… achieve goodwill by sponsoring user communities

  • Enhance brand salience by creating brand community and/or participating in user and channel communities
  • Create satisfaction and value to prospects, partners and customers by community engagement
  • Activate your brand with event invites, campaign promotions, banner ads and request list
  • Leverage other brand services by integrating service desk, calendar and OneSocial™


Use visual power in presentation and reach out to partners and customers for information and updates.

  • Enable visual design management with 3D/2D product modelling & visualisation
  • Create digital catalogues and ready reckoners of product and product parts models
  • Smart, fast and easy usage with intuitive navigation, simple displays and system integration
  • Manage changes in design and documents with real time update to users based on change management module
  • Leverage visual communication using product promotions and service communication
  • Train and evaluate team members using 3D video content


Personalise your brand to make your customers and partners feel special, really special… all the time.

  • Engage your channels and customers by building appropriate loyalty parameters in the design, creation, deployment and promotion
  • Customise loyalty by unique brand definition, consumer profiling and preference management
  • Tailor brand programs across every stage of product/service usage and lifecycle
  • Create comprehensive rewards and privileges using Intuitive Rules Engine
  • Track, measure and realign loyalty program success using real-time reporting and metrics
  • Manage loyalty programs across all industry verticals and segments and alliances and coalitions


Excite and engage your customers by offering customised accessories and services.

  • Excite you customers by offering updates and information on relevant accessories
  • Enable merchandise browsing through simple, effective visual catalogues linked to inventory
  • Personalise offers through curated, customer centric offers
  • Extend lifelong brand relationships by offering insurance, warranty and AMC to product owners


Leverage the brand currency of the new era – the digital coupons !

  • Enhance Customer Value with fully-paid, partially-paid and free service offers
  • Craft your coupons for brand, channel and consumer use with the flexible rules engine
  • Generate dynamic coupon based on demographics, preferences, behaviour and needs
  • Ensure end-to-end tracking and analytics using real time dashboard reporting and ROI measure
  • Create powerful brand activation by integrating with loyalty, CRM, ERP & PoS
  • Create joint offerings through partnerships with complementing brands


Need more? Need something different? We are here to help you with innovative solutions for your unique needs.

  • Address any business challenge with technology advice and support for ongoing, proposed and desired services to your channels or customers
  • Gain competitive advantage by developing and integrating unique brand specific services into the platform
  • Explore and exploit unique technology capabilities of geo tagging, geo fencing, gps, sensors etc. to achieve business goals


Simplifies Lives

Of Brands, Retailers And Customers

Retail business has never been simpler yet so promising.
Gladminds™ products are designed for an easy, seamless transition of your business into an exciting future.


Organised, Mobile/Web Based


Responsive, Integrated, Adaptive


Live & Connected, Light


Intuitive, Customised, Safe & Secure

Make Every Transaction

The Start Of A New Relationship

Transform every customer engagement into a life long valuable relationship.
GladMinds™ helps you stay in live, continuous connect with your customer in a unique meaningful association.


Invoices, Product Specs, Warranty


Product Manual, Product Visualisation, Drivers


Feedback, News & Updates


Coupons, Promos & Offers, Upgrades


Service Request, Troubleshooting


Communities, Networks, Service Providers

A Life Altering Opportunity

For Brands And Customers To Live Together

Live a connected life and get to know each other better than ever before.
GladMinds™ gives you new knowledge and new opportunities to grow your brand business.


Customer Info, Needs, Wants


Buying Behaviour, Listening Tools


Accessories, Upgrades


Inventory Mgmt., Portfolio Dvpt, Service Upgradation


GladMinds Connect Platform is versatile and adaptable for everyone – product and services brand across every industry, every sector.


2/3/4 Wheelers, LMV, HMV.


Mobile phone, Tablets, Laptops, TV, Video-Audio systems, Camera, Gaming, Electronic Toys Accessories


Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, Personal care Appliances, Healthcare Devices, Security Devices.


FMCG, Food, Fashion, Hospitality, Wellness Sports & Fitness Equipments, Leisure, Travel, Entertainment.


Electricity, Water, LPG, Telephone, Broadband Civic Services.


Land, Apartments.