The customer of today is not as simple as he used to be in the early 80s or 90s. With a lot of options available at hand, he is bound to weigh them before going for a final choice. The cattle mentality of being able to be led into one direction by a brand is an occurrence of the past. Thus, it is not hard to guess that the new consumer is much smarter and willing to explore.

A lot of that research will undoubtedly focus on online information, thanks to various threads, reviews as well as user experiences. To be really frank, even I would check the ratings (generated by user experiences) before going ahead with a purchase.

However, the post-purchase period is often crucial in shaping up the final opinion. It is the customer care department one is likely to get in touch with to clarify doubts and more importantly, have problems fixed. Beware! There are a lot of opinions and feedback out there online too.

In this context, the question is ‘how do companies find an cost effective way to manage these relationships?’.The cloud-based customer engagement software – Gladminds – has been designed to help companies to cater to this precise need. Among other things, it will help you build a rapport with consumers. Hurry up and install the trial version now.