Visualization service helps Brands to leverage information available with the engineering and manufacturing departments and use the same for creating electronic Product/Parts Catalogs, technical documents and materials for training accurately with minimal additional effort for downstream use by customers, channels and technical staff on web and handheld devices for ease of use in the field.

Visualization software integrates to PLM and ERP and provided through a Cloud Infrastructure Rendered on Mobile and Web platforms.

The industries where Visualization can be used are Aerospace and Defence, Auto and Transport, Oil, Gas and Mining, industrial machinery, energy, consumer electronics, Life Sciences and R&D.

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Product features include: 2-D Modelling, 3-D Rendering, Product Catalog and ready reckoner, Technical documentation, Promotions / Service circulars, 3-D video, Electronic Parts Catalog and Parts ordering, Parts promotions and trend analytics.

2D Modelling: Support: Navigate hotspots and hyperlinks in your technical drawings just like any web page Support for CGM, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, and EMF. Benefit: 2D images are linked to action and allow for automated update Latest design files for all users Files can be linked to Catalog using standard template Option for download or export.

3D visualization:
• Go to market faster with more innovation to stay competitive
• Collaboration with customers and suppliers to ensure effective product life cycle management
• The reuse of product information such as engineering and BOM reduces rework and therefore speeds up time to market
• Creates lightweight 3D data for easier deployment to suppliers via web portal & mobile
• 3D visual quality reduces the reduces need for translation
• Update Process within PLM Systems allows for faster product documentation updates
• Publishing 3D PDF support enables author-once publish to anywhere

Product Search is easy and fast through the following options: Search the product by Product, Model, Sub Assembly, Part No, Part description, Relevant Equipment Serial no, Search Part on the Drawing.

Technical documents for Service team, Manufacturing and Customers
Deliver after sales material globally in local languages Easy-to-Use and Intuitive No CAD experience required. Integrated and Linked Graphics & Text Single tool for all technical documentation Increased efficiency & effectiveness Flexible and Configurable Fits your process and requirements Process Integration Support and Engineering change order Enables faster, leaner business processes Richer End-User Experience for Manufacturing and Suppliers Increased user effectiveness Increased customer satisfaction Increased retention and profitability.

Promotions / Service Circulars for Sales, After-Sales,Dealer Network and Customers
• Live updates on new product launches, technology acquisitions and service support
• Create your own content and publish for all or selectively
• Multi language options available
• Reach out to all users in a very cost effective way
• Manage the changes effectively

Interactive 3D learning
3D learning improves comprehension, retention and on-the-job performance and costs less than product mock-ups, physical simulations, and other active learning approaches.
• Optimize return on training investment (ROI)
• Cut training program development & distribution costs
• Accelerate Training Timelines
• Lower localization costs
• Increase effectiveness of learning
• Addition of Audio
• Improve safety
• Field training
• SCORM compliant integration to LMS

Simple parts ordering

Parts ordering can be linked to the electronic parts catalog. This facilitates parts ordering by the Service departments , dealers or the fleet customers
• Integrate parts ordering to Parts calalog
• Weave the MOQ and availability to parts ordering
• Cross check parts no to the visual
• Updated part available on the catalog
• Integrated payment gateway
• Ordering is linked to ERP or DMS system for the OEM
• Quick verification of parts by insurance companies

Parts Promotion
Parts promotion campaign is integrated with the parts catalog. This integration helps make the campaign more effective and results in high conversions
• Integrated parts promotion campaign
• Campaign tailored to a specific Product or Model
• Tracking campaign success
• Tracking genuine parts network in the chain
• Actions for slow moving parts and order lost

Summary: Visualization Software/Service helps brands to use visual information in powerful ways by improving the efficiency of information, already available, for downstream use by customers, channels and technical staff.

Products/Parts Ready Reckoner
Product/Parts Ready Reckoner is a lightweight web and mobile application available for wide use by any Products/Parts Brand owner, to create a digital version of a products/parts catalogue very easily for information sharing and for ordering requirements by Distributors, Dealers, Retailers and other stakeholders. The mobile app. can be made available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
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