The great Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things”. If you tell a child, “Don’t play with fire, it will burn you”, he will not listen. However, one day if he were to touch it with his hands, he will have an experience of a lifetime. Such is the value of experience in human life.

While we often learn lessons from our experiences, we forget to implement findings into our work and businesses. Personally as well, I have come across many situations where outlets as well as brands simply fail to deal with issues in a cordial manner. My aim is not to generalize every business establishment under the sun, as there are plenty of good examples as well. Sadly, however, the wannabe outlets simply refuse to take complaints into consideration.

Each of us would have encountered many such examples. This may exist in a TV showroom or even a laundry shop. Such businesses slowly fade away due to poor response to customer complaints.
Providing a favorable customer experience consistently is a matter of survival. In fact, you can look up recognized biggies for inspiration. They are where they are, due to the way they have treated their customers repeatedly – establishing a firm ground for themselves. For example – why do you prefer Indigo over Air India?

In case you thought it is a tough ask to deal with common people, you can now have your task sorted out with Glad Minds’ cloud-based customer engagement platform. It will help you reach out and maximize positive customer experience among others. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

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