It is often heard that you are not what you think you are, rather you are what others think of you. Whether one believes in this or not is another debate altogether. However, he/she is reminded of this down-to-earth factor via test grades, school report cards to university evaluations; even job interviews are a part of this phenomenon. Thus, it is worth pondering that if every individual is submissive to the judgement factor. Big businesses and brands are no exception.

Though the world has progressed considerably in the last decade, sadly enough there still seems to be a gap between customers and brands once a product runs into difficulties. This is the reason why many brands have made come-and-go appearances. The reasons being simple – not delivering and not living up to rectify – factors which can invite disastrous results.

Prevention has always proven to be better than cure in most instances. So, if you are a brand or aspiring to be one, there are certain things which need to be put in order right from the start. One of those things is most notably the customer care segment, as this is the thin line which will determine your future.

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