Communication is a service available on the Glad Minds Connect Platform that enables Brands to connect to all the customers/channels for more effective engagement and two way communication.

Communication service can be enabled with the subscription to the base package available on the Glad Minds Connect Platform. This service enables a validation of all the brand customers and to invite them to be part of the platform service. Once the validation process is complete with a customer, the two way communication can happen. This service can be used by the Brand to communicate about new products, new launches and inviting customers for specific events/programs as well as to offer them specific benefits like coupons, discounts and offers. The brands can also enable certain feedback from customers and do surveys.

Other services on the GladMinds Connect Platform can be built on the top of the base package above.

Customer need to use ‘AfterBuy’ to avail the above service and be validated as a customer of the brand before the services can be availed.