Loyalty Management software helps brands to manage their engagement with customers more meaningfully and on a win-win basis. Loyalty Software/Service is one of the key services on the Glad Minds Connect Platform helping Brands to design, deploy and manage loyalty programs and customer engagement initiatives.

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm and may influence partners, stakeholders and customers

The key business objectives are

• Customer retention
• Customer engagement
• Profitability & Revenue
• Drive authentic product usage
• Customer Acquisition

Loyalty Software/Service on the Glad Minds Connect Platform helps Brands to define the nature of the program they wish to deploy, define the value propositions in terms of benefits, privileges and rules governing Loyalty. The Loyalty Software also allows for promotion and campaigns on the platform that enables Brands to roll the loyalty program and create campaigns around them.

Customers on the other hand are able to register, earn points, view and redeem the points. Customers are also allowed to exchange points and earn privileges which are visible to them.

In summary Loyalty Programs help Brands to provide customers a high return based on exchange of mutual value and improves the Customer experience.

Additional features required by a Brand can be added as a module into the basic Loyalty Program to bring more functionality and to reflect richness of the program.

A detailed presentation is available for viewing.