How does a small company create and build a brand? The reputed brands of today have been miniature products once upon a time, for example – Nike. The elusive question remains, how is that gap bridged?

From Insignificant to Significant

The mantra lies in building the trust with your customers. You need to be able to deliver on your ‘promise’. You will need to be clear about the elements of promise that you commit to and whether or not you will be able to live by them. The promise could include product/service quality, service support, response, customer experience etc. You will first need to communicate to your target customers your ‘’promise’. You will also need to know your customers well enough and be able to have a continuous dialogue with them to enable you to improve your services to the level of your ‘promise’. You will also need to build a long term relationship with your customers based on the ‘fulfillment of your promise’ based on consistent communication, consistent products and consistent services.

‘A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.’
- Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

What Stops a Long Term Relationship with Customers?

As a significant portion of brand-building involves a constant communication with the target audience and the consumers at large, it may be quite difficult on the part of a company to invest heavily or rather overburden its PR and customer support departments, both in terms of manpower as well as resources. ‘Glad Minds Connect Platform’ is an example of a technology platform that would help the business and the customer to remain in touch with each other via exchanges of essential feedback as well as latest updates. This can help both the parties to build a relationship based on the ‘promise’.

As a business you will need to provide your customers with great customer service resulting in the satisfaction at the granularity of each customer. This can be achieved via a help desk that can be deployed by the business. Understanding your customers would require them being engaged with you in a cost effective way. This can be achieved via a connect service to authenticate and validate customers. In addition, this will also provide a ‘customer product ownership profile’.

A loyal customer base would help the business to build the brand. Achieving loyalty of your customer requires the business to understand the customer behavior, and this can be achieved via the ‘Glad Minds Connect Platform’.