Customer experience is a much talked about topic these days. Customers use various forums as well as social media platforms to express their experience-positive or negative. Negative Customer experiences have a serious impact on businesses and more importantly could hamper the brand image since there is a negative multiplier and snowballing effect within customer’s social circles.

However, that is not the only factor in play nowadays as several other points go on to contribute to what can be referred to as ‘total customer experience’. Those factors relate to physical, rational benefits, emotional benefits and sensing benefits that the customer gains in an interaction with the brand as illustrated in the pictorial below.

Achieving ‘Total customer experience’requires the business to be in constant touch with the customer and adjust the offerings on a continuous basis. This requires constant engagement and fine tuning of the product, process, people, price, technology and messaging. This is not easy since the number of factors that need to be constantly tracked and monitored are large and there were limited tools available.

You can now choose Gladminds’ cloud-based customer experience platform and be on the top of your business by tracking and managing the ‘Total Customer Experience’.

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